"Hi I'm Lenny Graf.
Here are some fun
facts you might like
to know about me! "

What's New

- California Water Agencies licensed Lenny's Water song as key part of a state-wide educational campaign
- THINK First Foundation Bicycle Safety PSA on national US/Can TV
- 4 Top Ten Hit Songs on the US radio network
Radio AAHS over a combined total of 95 consecutive weeks

- Lenny played Col. James Hickey, in the docu-drama "Capturing Saddam" on the History Channel.
- He also played "Vinnie" the mob boss in the Underworld Histories series, also ont he History Channel.

- Lenny plays the role of Morty the Mortgage in the Canadian Tire Financial Commercial commercial,
- As well, he plays the Clown in the McCain Smooth-eez commercial, and is featured as a cleaning man in the H20 Mop commercial.
- He can be seen playing a leading role as a Campus Security Officer in the RBC on-line commercial
- He also had a supporting role in a Midas Muffler commercial.

- Modelling: You may see him if you pick up a magazine or two, as a result of being featured in many print ads for such notables as Rogers and RBC Financial Communications.

A Forest Made Of Spinach
It's a ... Hit!
Planet Lenny
Un bosque hecho de espinacas
(Bilingual: Spanish & English)

Planet Lenny:
Our Choice Outstanding Selection
Forest Made Of Spinach:
Parent's Choice Honour Award
It's A ... Hit!:
NAT Baseball Hall of Fame Collection
Our Choice Outstanding Selection

YTV/Treehouse -
TLC (The Learning Channel - US)
Waldo Woo, Old King Cole, My Bicycle With 17 Flat Tires

Music Producer - Ray Parker, winner SOCAN television songwriter of the year award
Recording and Mixing at Inception Sound, Downsview

Lenny studied music a York University (BFA) the Eastman School of Music, the Royal Conservatory in Toronto, jazz saxophone with Pat Labarbara, acting and stage craft at the Creighton Academy or Dramatic art and Equity Showcase Theatre in Toronto.

Conversational in Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Bengali, Farsi, Arabic, Tagalo (Philipino), Amharic, Somali, Greek, Macedonian, Russian, German, French, Protugeuse, and Italian.

Birography (Swing)
As the youngest son of arranger/big band leader Eddie Graf, Lenny Graf grew up surrounded by the sounds of Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, Louis Jordan, Ella Fitzgerald and others. When other kids his age didn't know what the words jazz, big band, swing, bounce and jive meant, Lenny was going to school by day, crooning and playing his horn at night, loving it - and getting paid for it to boot. In those days, stepping out, with his "zoot suit and hat", before they became fashionable, Lenny could only wish that he could time-travel back to the forties. His musical moments to remember began with IN THE MOOD, and included songs like BLUEBERRY HILL, SING, SING, SING, T'AINT WHAT YOU DO, TUXEDO JUNCTION, TAKE THE A-TRAIN, EMRACEABLE YOU, MOONLIGHT SERENADE, SWEET GEORGIA BROWN, NEW YORK, NEW YORK, NIGHT AND DAY.

With images of Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Benny Goodman, dancing in his eyes, Lenny studied jazz saxophone and classical flute at York University, won the much coveted Grennick Award and is an accomplished sopranino saxophone player.

Over the twenty years that Lenny Graf has been singing and playing big band swing, he has written a series of fast faced, "swingable" tunes which he has now started to record as Lenny Graf and his Swing Orchestra.

For more information please contact:
Lenny Graf - LGM Associates
Business contact: (416) 410-9978.

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