See Lenny On Treehouse TV's
Ants In Your Pants.

Performing locally and abroad
festivals, concerts & community events.

Appearing in a variety of venues:
Concert for stage or stage and stroll, family, dixieland, jazz, swing or classical.

Lenny plays the role of Morty the Mortgage in the Canadian Tire Financial Commercial commercial,

As well, he plays the Clown in the McCain Smooth-eez commercial.

He can also be seen playing a leading role as a Campus Security Officer in the RBC on-line commercial

Lenny played the pricipal role of Col. James Hickey, in the docu-drama "Capturing Saddam" on the History Channel.

Live Concert: Lenny Graf Musical Family Fun
Set List, Main Concert:

Hello (introduction & greetings, multi-lingual)
Ayple’s & Baneeno’s (spoof)
Agent Man
Octapus’ Garden
Up Medley (interaction & movement)
Mission Impossible (intro to sopranino sax)
Going Places (Circus song)
Flute Tune (instrumental demonstration)
I Caught the Carrot (spoof)
Unstable Tables
YMCA (interaction & movement)
Bicycle Song
Rock Around the Clock
Hockey Rap
Magic Segment
This Light of Mine
The Twist (interaction & movement)
Hey Dum

Younger Kids Show, add:

Apples & Bananas
The More We Get Together
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Twinkle Little Star (& spoof)
ABC Song
Old King Cole
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Mary Had a Little Lamb
This Little Light of Mine
Mr. Sun

Seasonal Shows:

Halloween Show, add to above programs: Ghost Busters, Time Warp, Haunted House, Monster Bash & Spooky Magic

Holiday Show, add: Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolf, Jingle Bell Rock, Deck the Halls, Santa Clause, We Wish You a Merry Holiday

Chanukah Show, add: Oh Chanukah, Sevivon Sov Sov Sov, Simon Toff (instrumental on clarinet), Maoz Tzur, Dreidel Song

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