Planet Lenny
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A high energy mixture of original songs and old favorites. Highlights include Rollerblade Rap and I'm Late (featuring a vocal visit from Sharon, Lois & Brah). At times, Planet Lenny sounds like a Vaudeville show with dialog connected to songs by an ever-present beat. The arrangements of songs are sophiscated with horns and wind instruments playing a big role. Classic songs include This Little Light of Mine, Comin Round the Mountain, Rockin Robin and the Radio AAHS favorite, Earth.

Track Listing:
1. Garbage
2. Monster Bash
3. Lemon
4. Rockin Robin
5. I Can Draw
6. Comin Round The Mountain
7. Without A Tree
8. I'm Late with Sharon Lois & Bram
9. Galaxy Song
10. Earth
11. Guess What
12. Roler Blade Rap
13. Wonderful World
14. Fire
15. Sun In The Morning
16. Tea For The Bumble Bee?
17. Going Places
18. This Little Light Of Mine

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